Rushall Isaac

Born on March 27, 2009
Stands 17.3HH
Frozen Semen Only:
USA $500 per Breeding Dose

Although Isaac has found a new home in North Carolina, Northeast Shires is still offering Isaac's frozen semen for sale. The price is $500 per breeding dose.

Isaac was born on March 27, 2009 and imported on March 9, 2011 from England by Janet Long to bring fresh bloodlines so badly needed to the United States. Isaac passed his Shire Horse Society two-year old inspection a few weeks prior to importation.

Isaac is a brother of Penrhos Braveheart who is England's 2011 Supreme Champion Shire stallion. Isaac has tremedous feet and feather, high flat hocks, a short back, and perfectly sloped shoulder. Not only does this guy have the conformation that any breeder should be looking for, he has the sweetest personality you could hope for.